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Framerworks of the barracks as they being built. The framework is bamboo. Then it was filled in with a mud and straw mixture, with a thatched roof. Rats quickly took up residence in the thatched roof. The thatch was a wonderful insulator from the sun, being nearly a foot thick. Occasionally one of the squadron members would wake up and see a rat on one of the rafters and withdraw his service issued 45 and shoot it off the rafters.

It was not difficult to identify the best marksman in the squadron-each rat shot resulted in a rat being drawn on the side of the bunk.

The structures were built by Chinese laborers who were paid for their work. The buildings were built after the squadron arrived at Hangchung. For the first couple of weeks they lived in the city itself, staying in an Italian monestery. It was a Catholic church and they stayed in the priests quarters. They spoke no Italian and the priests spoke no English, so they did not talk to each other. Taken by George Myfelt in the spring or sumer of 1945.